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January 07, 2007



hey, i rendomly came across this and read what you said.

im in agreement, for the most part.

i think that graff is good, and a constructive part of society in general.
i think that people percieve graff as bad because the only look at the tags and bombings, they dont see the big pieces because they are scrubbed all too quickly.

perhaps if the public did change their opinion we would start to see change, and yeah i do see where your coming from when you say that any old tom dick or harry will come allong and add some un skilled tag which will look even worse than no tag at all.

skilled graffiti artists are so few and far between because it takes deturmination to carry on writing.
i dont think that the public see writers as artists because they dont know how difficult it is to come up with a mint piece that will be appreciated by other artists, thus not geting tagged over.


i also thought that you might be interested to know, the main writer in the picture you posted is a guy called Jace.

i did have a bit of information about him in a book, but my boyfriend has it.


google him; on images.

he is tight! :D

later alligator.

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