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May 25, 2007



The entire Tobacco Control AKA public Health network needs to clue in. If smoking around a child is abuse then so is it abusive to a child of a parent being poor or illiterate which both increase a child's risks by many times any mythical risk of Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

The Lung association didn’t cross any line Tobacco Control hadn’t already breached in many ways the so-called ad was created in simply following planned Tobacco Control agendas and Public Health policy. Leading the Lung assn. to the light will not reduce the ignorance displayed by the rest of the merry band of Tobacco Control extortionists. A group primarily financed by competing interests in the addictive nicotine market through corporate charities they finance directly, making philanthropy win-win tax-free advertising resource. Allowing taxpayers to pick up the tab for promoting their products and at the same time extorting political leaders who don’t play along, with the media group distributed scorn of those charities that by community standards are above reproach.

When I see the increased violence among children today I can not help but wonder how many of them die every year due to the influence of lobby groups who promote increased expense and intolerant acts affecting primarily the poorest among us. TC targets these people solely due to their numbers in complete ignorance of the human toll of their feel good agendas, which are most popular among those who will never be affected.

Tobacco Control in short is all about hate, it was never founded in anything but hatred and as it grows so does the violence among us. The fact someone involved in a major charity who approved the Ad could not understand how wrong it is demonstrates how some people have simply lost all respect for others around them. The campaign is more important than any respect for common decency. TC is over the line in many respects. The way I see it the child abuse ad is mild in comparison.

Mussolini called Fascism industrial socialism PC is the industrial rulebook.


Thanks, Kevin, for commenting. Let me respond to your points:

"... it abusive to a child of a parent being poor or illiterate ... "

I agree. I give encouragement and support to any legitimate efforts to raise poor families' income and education levels.

" ... The Lung association didn’t cross any line Tobacco Control hadn’t already breached ... "

The American Lung Association was the intended client for the short film, Ramaa Mosley directed. Of course it is their right to decide not to fund it. I disagree with their decision, because I think a wide distribution of the film would be help many children and their parents, but have no disagreement with their right to decide. I don't think the ALA President needed to apologize for considering funding the film. I disagree with Michael Siegel's assessment that the film, "... is actually making a mockery out of child abuse." Instead, I understand the film comes from a great, personal understanding and sensitivity to child abuse, but, again, I have no dispute with his right to express his opinion.

Your characterization of Ramaa, myself and others who support this PSA, as "... merry band of Tobacco Control extortionists ..." is funny -- cute, meaningless writing. You write as if you're a victim of powerful do-gooder crusaders. This type of writing can be effective with weak, ignorant people looking for someone to blame for their perceived misery, I'm so confident that you won't find any of those here, I lend you this soapbox.

I agree with you that present system of using tax money collected from the makers of legal, additive products to spend on educating the public regarding the danger of said products, seems crazy. Making the manufacture and distribution of the dangerous products against the law would be a logical alternative. However, I would not support such a move, since past and present prohibition of substances the public desires has not stopped their use and instead, created criminal empires in and out of government, dangerous to democracy. The present, odd system does seem to be effective in decreasing the use of tobacco. Each year, it seems less people smoke and many more people are able to live without tobacco smoke pollution. For now, I support the continuation of tobacco tax-supported public educational efforts.

Your statement which begins with, "When I see the increased violence among children today..." needs a lot of supporting citations. I am not convinced you are referring to anything real.

Likewise your conclusion that, "Tobacco Control in short is all about hate..." seems entirely unsupportable by fact.

Then, you throw in a reference to Mussolini, Fascism, socialism and create the straw-dog of Political Correctness. I must ask, who do you think you are kidding? Do you really find an audience for this trash talk?

If you were local to me, we might get together for a couple of beers and some cigarettes (on my rooftop, where our smoke will create minimal pollution), we may find we have some agreement on smokers' rights issues.

I was taught that my rights ended when I hurt someone. It is questionable that society should grant any of us smokers the right to damage ourselves, but certainly we cannot be given the right to damage others.

Protecting the weak is civil society's duty. Reasonable people want to protect children.

Any reasonably civil comments are welcome here.

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